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In the past year or so I’ve received a handful of emails and messages requesting images from my gratitude project as custom prints or cards. I was always happy to oblige, and at some point realized that this was a great way for people to connect with my work in a way that felt personal. So I’ve added a “Request Custom Work” option on my etsy shop, and wanted to welcome you all to use it! It’s right here, under the “Shop Owner” tab on etsy.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 3.15.26 PM

see! that button right there!









You can find the complete catalog of images from the gratitude project here, and you can see all of the card images here. One customer recently ordered these three illustrations (which were all originally cards) to hang in her nursery:



Post-valentine’s day wisdom for all kinds of togetherness…(even me with me). Grateful for the ever-wise, kind, observations of 13th Century poet Rumi* (CORRECTION: this is actually a Khalil Gibran quote. He was a 20th Century Lebanese poet, writer + artist. Also a wise, kind observer. My apologies!).