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Big Wheel Press.

I’m thrilled to announce a very happy collaboration: beginning in January 2016, I have partnered with local letterpress maestro Bill Muller of Big Wheel Press to launch a *new* line of gorgeous letterpress cards. Working with Bill and becoming a Big Wheel artist is a thrill for so many reasons, not the least of which is that I’ve finally found someone who loves peanut butter as much as I do. In addition to letterpress cards + notebooks, Big Wheel will now be representing my full-color digital line as well as my 2017 GRATITUDE calendar, due out in May. Sneak peek below of some of the letterpress cards launching at NSS 2016 this month! Stop by booth 2259 and say hello!



Wise encouragement from 19th Century Irish poet and author Oscar Wilde. It’s a welcome reflection: BE YOURSELF. And as Wilde points to, with humor, who else could you possibly be? I once told a friend that there are many days I feel exhausted being ME. She responded with her steady wisdom, saying, “It sounds like you’re exhausted resisting who you are.” Yes. That’s it. I am often amazed at how much mental energy (thoughts, moods, emotions) go into comparing myself to others, falling short over and over again and solidifying the belief that I am not OK exactly as I am. If I could let go of this belief, BEING MYSELF would feel easy—-like lying back on the grass and yielding to something natural, familiar, safe; like being carried by the wind or the beauty of others, but feeling clear that my basket, my carrier, is a place where I can just be ME.