There is nothing quite like the sharing, musing and support that happens inside creative friendship. As an artist and illustrator, my inspiration comes from a universe of writers, poets, artists, musicians, makers and human beings across time who have tapped into their own creative or contemplative curiosity. And yet, day in and day out, I mostly work alone. I value and need this kind of solitude. But it is also why I treasure friendships with other makers. Together we talk, write, muse, share work and offer each other that ever-necessary reminder that doubt, stagnation, and fear (as well as joy, excitement and productivity) are all part of the creative process (indeed, of being human).  

Heather Maloney​ is one of my dearest gals whose work I have followed and shared and been witness to since her earliest days of songwriting—and her with me, too. She’s responsible for the sweet push that got me started in illustration (seriously!) and she has been with me at every big moment of my creative career. Her gorgeous new album MAKING ME BREAK is releasing on Signature Sounds Recordings​ in late April. Produced by Bill Reynolds of Band of Horses​, it is a poetic and musical beauty. Check out THIS new music video of her song, “Otherwise” from the album. The image below is the upcoming cover. The artwork is by another dear friend who has been a magical creative mentor to me: Kevin Hill.

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